Arc de Triomphe / 巴黎凯旋门 / Gerbang Kemenangan / エトワール凱旋門

Paris, France. June 2006.


Paris, Perancis. Jun 2006.


The Arc de Triomphe. One of the famous landmarks of Paris.


Gerbang Kemenangan. Salah satu tanda tempat yang terkenal di Paris.


Going to Paris from London by train is actually quicker than flying.


Pergi Paris dengan keretapi dari London sebenarnya adalah lebih cepat daripada kapal terbang.


You can also travel to Brussels, Belgium with Eurostar.


Kamu juga boleh pergi ke Brussels, Belgium dengan Eurostar.


I have also been to France by ferry departing from Dover, England and arriving at Calais, France.

It is actually better than Eurostar! Because you can see the White Cliffs of Dover from the ferry.



Saya pernah pergi Perancis dengan feri yang bertolak dari Dover, England dan bertiba di Calais, Perancis.

Sebenarnya, ia lebih baik daripada Eurostar! Sebab kamu boleh nampak Cenuram Putih Dover dari feri.



It seems like I have been to France quite a few times! But my French is terrible… The problem is not many people like to speak English in France.

Something to do with their national pride or identity, perhaps?



Nampaknya, saya perna pergi ke Perancis banyak kali! Tapi Bahasa Perancis saya teruk… Masalahnya, tidak ramai orang sana suka bertutur di dalam Bahasa Inggeris.

Mungkin ini berunsur dengan kebanggaan negara atau identiti negara mereka?



8 thoughts on “Arc de Triomphe / 巴黎凯旋门 / Gerbang Kemenangan / エトワール凱旋門

  1. I want to visit Paris too, but I don’t now if I can talk to the people with portuguese,
    I can understand most of spanish, a bit difficult in italian, french is even harder…

  2. I was there- the Arch..Walked from Eiffel Tower to the Arch, it was quite a walk. I love Paris, will go back to visit again. Of course, London will also be in the plan 🙂

  3. Any young French person speaks English, we all learned it at school. People actually don’t mind speaking English but they may be shy because they don’t get to practice. Like Chinese students, they are good at writing foreign language, not at speaking them.

    Did you climb up the Arche de Triomphe ? There is a nice view.

  4. visited Paris ages ago just for a day trip but didn’t have such a great experience – struggled getting around with the language and ppl weren’t exactly helpful. i still think of Paris as a beautiful scenic place though… has a romantic atmosphere about it. i only passed the arc. never knew it looked like that from underneath…

  5. London Caller先生、晩上好!


  6. wow nice weather for you… at least you had blue sky >< but mine was not bad… though it had been gloomy and raining a bit… but i still enjoyed eiffel tower =p

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